Anticorrosion coatings, linings and thermal spray applications


Our company, which has always been oriented towards customer needs, has confirmed the choice of having its management system certified by third parties. With this in mind, since 2002 we have certified our Quality Management System in accordance with UNI ISO 9001.

As a demonstration of the maximum attention to customers and to the specific needs of the Oil & Gas sector, our management system integrates the requirements of the ISO 29001:2020 standard, which places its foundations on the concept of continuous improvement, with particular attention on the analysis of risks, on the prevention of defects, on the reduction of product waste and waste in the Oil & Gas supply chain.

Company Quality Management System

The Quality Management System derived from the aforementioned assumptions, was designed to ensure compliance with the Customer’s requirements and consists of a complete documentation of the processes including indication of the responsibilities assigned, planning of structural interventions to the system and periodic review of the system, in compliance with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 29001:2020 standards.

It is the way to demonstrate the ability to provide, in a coherent and constant way, anticorrosive treatment services that comply with the requirements of the Customers, especially in the Oil & Gas sector, increasing their satisfaction through effective management that includes improvement processes in continuity.

Furthermore, our organization is attentive to environmental issues and respect for natural resources, aiming to reduce waste and significant environmental impacts.